June 2018:

To our valued readers and fans,

At long last we've been able to resolve the difficulties we encountered that interrupted our operations these last few months.  We very much appreciate the patience, support and kind wishes many of you have extended to us. 

While there is still great interest in the classic monsters genre, the market has been changing and we've made changes to be able to keep bringing you the beast classic monsters magazine.  We've ceased offering prepaid subscriptions in favor of pre-ordering new issues.  Those who have issues 28, 29 and/or 30 coming under a previous subscription with us will get the remaing issues due them. 

Our new pre-order service will function very much the same as our previous prepaid subscription plan except payment for new issues will be accepted on a per-issue basis.  Pre-orders will receive deep discounts off cover price, exclusive pre-order bonus items, and fast Priority Mail shipping with tracking & insurance included. 

We will be adding a special free subscription list sign-up form shortly where you will be able to get email and/or text notifications when new issues are ready for pre-order.

Besides regular new issues of Freaky Monsters magazine, we will be releasing several new special "one shot" Fearbook editions on classic monsters, classic sci-fi, classic television and some general nostalgia interest publications and picturebooks.

At note regarding pricing of new & back issues:  Prices on our new Freaky Monsters Premium Collector Edition new and back issues may at first seem pricey to some, but if you consider the prices include Priority Mail shipping, Premium Covers and paper, and finer printing screens for more detailed images, the price is not extreme.  In fact, the net cost per issue is on par with, or lower than, the prices of standard newsstand copies of our back issues on many auction sites and retail genre magazine sites.  And all new issues will be offered at deep pre-order discounts.  For better or worse, the special interest publishing business has changed and it is simply no longer practical to print or distribute for a mass consumer newsstand market.  The unique "hobby" you and we love has little appeal to the mainstream crowd and the only way we could continue as we used to would be to cater to new "modern" horror and sci-fi releases and the ancilliary mass merchandising that goes with it. 

Frankly, that holds no appeal for us.  Zilch.  Nada.  Nyet.

Connie and I and the rest our Fang Gang look forweird to many more years of bringing you the beast classic monsters magazine and special issues.  Let the naysayers scoff!  We (and you, we hope) will always....Stay Freaky!


Ray Ferry