FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Help!  I had a Customer Account with your old cart and now I can't Log In!  What do I do?

If you already had a Customer Log-In with our old cart, you will need to set up a new Log-In with our new cart.   But don't worry about your old account.  We have all of your previous orders info so you won't lose anything you have previously ordered. We simply have not been able to copy all the old data over to the new cart yet.  But, if you have a question about a previous order, please write using the Contact Us link at top of page and we'll send you an E-Mail response, generally with 24 Hours or less. (Please be sure you spell your E-Mail address correctly!  and check your Spam folder in case your ISP blocks our reply.

Our new cart is easier to use!  you can reset your new account password yourself if you forget it (our old cart required that your account be deleted if password was forgotten as we could not reset it for you).  You can now also change your E-Mail address or Account Info yourself once you log-in.  Our new cart also offers more detailed info on your orders, tracking, easy Return Merchadise Authorization forms (RMA) and the ability to earn "Creature Cash" Bonus Points you can use like cash on future purchases (coming soon).  We apologize for the inconvenience but this new cart is much better.

Have a General Question about our store?  Click a line below for most common topics:

  1. I sent you an email from the "Contact Us" form and you haven't answered.  Why?
  2. I wrote you through "facebook" or sent you an email and you haven't replied.  Why?
  3. I didn't get my newest subscription copy.  Why?
  4. You said you mailed my subscription copy but I haven't received it yet.  Will you send a replacement?
  5. My subscription copy arrived damaged.  Will you replace it?
  6. My disount code didn't work.  Why?
  7. How much to I save as a subscriber?
  8. What are "Bonus Points"?
  9. New Shopping Cart features.
  10. I have duplicate Freaky Monsters Collector Cards.  Can I trade them in?
  11. What are the benefits of creating a Registered User Account on your store?
  12. How do I access the Freaky Monsters Online Fan Club?
  13. Can I write directly to Editor Ray Ferry?
  14. How do I reeem or check a Gift Certificate?
  1. We always reply to inquiries sent using the "Contact Us" form.  Usually within 24 hours.  If you have not gotten our reply, it is almost always because your e-mail server isn't set up correctly.  Always check your "Spam" folder!  Most email servers will automatically put unrecognized emails in your "Spam" folder.  You should also check to be sure email from "contact.us@filmlandclassics.com" and "fc.information@gmail.com" are on your "white list" (accepable email recipients).   Believe us, there is nothing more frustrating than to get multiple "why haven't you answered me?" emails when we keep answering but we're pretty sure the sender isn't getting our replys!  Please do not post questions on unreputable public chat boards asking about Filmland Classics orders or questions.  Thay have no idea about anything related to us. 
  2. Do not send customer service questions to our "facebook" page!  We do not check our facebook pages for customer emails and you will not get a reply.  Also, please do not send a customer service inquiry to us by  regular email.  We'll never see it and you won't get a reply.  Only use the "Contact Us" form on this web site or our new "Live Help" feature for customer service questions!
  3. Your subscription may have ended.  We advise subscribers when an issue is their last one.  Please look on your mailing label to see if it is time to renew. If your subscription is current and you see on our facebook page or on this site that the most recent issue has been mailed but you haven't received your copy, please write us using the "Contact Us" form on this web site and we'll double-check to make sure you were on the mailing list.  It's rare, but every once in a while someone's name gets missed when the mailing list is processed for sorting.
  4. Be aware that we send subscriber copies with a tracking number and we are advised when a copy is delivered. That service makes the magazine more expensive to mail but helps insure you get your magazines and helps prevent fraud. If you did not receive an issue the most common causes are: (a) someone in your household has it, (b) a neighbor picked it up, (c) you gave us the wrong address.  If we do not get an "undeliverable" notice from the USPS, we assume the issue has been delivered to you.
  5. Subscription copies are sent Bagged & Boarded inside an opaque water-resistant vinyl envelope. This allows us to send copies at First Class rate which is included in the subscription price. Subscriptions are intended for fans who want to read the magazine.  It is rare but possible that a subscription copy could sustain minor bumps or dings in transit.  If you are concerned with having "collector grade" copies, we suggest you do not subscribe.  Buy single issues which are sent in cardboard flats (for 1 or 2 copies) or cardboard Priority Mail flats (for 3-4 copies).  More than 4 copies are shipped in Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. USPS Mail rates apply.  However, in the very rare event you get a severely mangled subscription copy, we'll replace it provided you first return the damaged copy to us at your expense.   Use the RMA form to set up a Return Merchandise Authorization (Registered User) or write us through the "Contact Us" link to request an RMA.  Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who get their copies and then try to conive replacements without returning the "damaged" merchandise so they can sell the extra one.  Please be sure to read the "Terms & Conditions" link on the Checkout Page!  Subscriptions which are cancelled before full term are subject to extra charges for the incentives.
  6. Discount codes are changed with each new subscription issue that is released.  If you are a current subscriber and your code does not work, make sure you are using the code sent with the newest issue.  The code can be found on your subscription copy mailing address label.
  7. Subscription copies cost about 10% less than regular copies. Subscribers also get valuable Bonus Collectible Incentives and discounts on many other items, including current and back issues we sell.  Usual discount is 15% off on every item we sell in our store except subscriptions and marked special items and/or close-outs.  As an added bonus, subscriber discounts are applied even on many Sale Priced items!
  8. Bonus Points" is a special feature of our new shopping cart.  When you sign up for a "Register User Account", you will receive Bonus Points on many of the items you bujy from our store.  You collect Points and can redeem them later as Gift Certificate credits on future offers.  Sorry, Bonus Points do not apply when youn use Guest Checkout on orders.
  9. New Features in Our New Shopping Cart.
    • GUEST CHECKOUT.  No need to Log In or set up an account to buy.
    • OPTIONAL REGISTERED USER ACCOUNT.  If you wish, you can set up an optional Registered User Account to track your orders by clicking the Register link at top right of this page or on the Checkout Page.
    • 100% SECURE PRIVATE CHECKOUT.  At Checkout, you will be redirected to a secure CC Processor.  We never see or store your personal account information.
    • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!  Return any item within 15 days for exchange, credit or refund.
    • E-MAIL RECEIPTS SENT ON ALL PURCHASES!   (Always check your Spam folder if you don't get our E-Mails!)
    • BONUS FREAKY "CREATURE CASH" COMING SOON!  Earn free points you can spend like cash on future purchases.
    • SUBSCRIBER DISCOUNTS!  Save 15% on most purchases when you subscribe to Freaky Monsters magazine.
  10. Yes!  See instructions on how to exchange duplicate cards on the back side of the "Checklist" card.  Sorry, we are not making a complete set of the Freaky Monsters Bonus Collector Cards available.  You can only get them with a subscription (you get 6 cards each issue) or selected Pre-orders (you get 3 cards). 
  11. When you set up a Register User Account with our store, you can log in anytime and see invoices for all of your orders, get shipping and tracking info, create an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) in case you need to return an item.  We also make periodic Special Offers available to Registered Users.  Our new software allows Users to retrieve or change their account passwords.  If you shop our store regularly, a Registered User Account is a good idea.
  12.   The Fan Club is available to current active subscribers to Freaky Monsters magazine.  To enter the club, click the Club Banner Ad on the left side of the main store page (www.freakymonstersmagazine.com/freakymonstersfanclub) and follow the Log In instructions.  Please remember the User Name for everybody is DISMEMBER.  The Password is the same Current Issue Subscriber Discount Code (find on your current subscription issue mailing label) you use to get purchase discounts here in our store.
  13.   If you wish to write Editor Ray Ferry or wish to become a contributor to Freaky Monsters magazine, use the forms located at the far left side of our web store pages.
  14.   If you have a Gift Certificate you wish to redeem, please create a Registered User Account before placing order (See "Register" link at top right of page) or "Sign In" if already registered.  Only registered users can check Gift Certificate available balances by clicking the "Gift Certificates" link at left. If you have a GC and do not wish to register, the GC can still be used at checkout but you will not be able to check remaining balance online.  You will need to write us using the "Contact Us" form if you have any questions.