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Use the form below to write directly to Freaky Monsters' Editor Ray Ferry. 

Feel free to express your thoughts on Freaky Monsters magazine ("alone...bad...friend...goood!), make suggestions or request special articles or features, or to tell us about your own experiences with classic monsters, Ray's series of Famous Monsters or Freaky Monsters magazine, or your own special memories and experiences of being a classic horror, sci-fi and fantasy film fan!  Your letter and/or foto may be published in a future issue of Freaky Monsters magazine!!

TO SEND A FOTO:  Click the "upload" box to send fotos for our “Wanted! More Readers Like” column.  You can send fotos of yourself, your kids, your special someone, your artwork, your monsters collection or anything else you'd like to share with your fellow Freaky Monsters fans!  Amateur, pro or cellphone images okay.  Please include a brief description of foto content including names and/or locations of people in fotos and photographer’s name.  There is no payment for fotos but “byline” is provided.  Please note that all correspondance and fotos submitted to Freaky Monsters and/or Filmland Classics are deemed eligible & authorized for publication.  For the security of our readers, unless specficially requested otherwise by the author, we only publish the first and last name and state (or country if non-USA) of correspondants to our publications.