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Updated May 2019:

To our valued readers and fans,

While there is still great interest in the classic monsters genre, the market has been changing and we've made changes to be able to keep bringing you the beast classic monsters magazine. 


We've ceased offering prepaid subscriptions in favor of pre-ordering for new issues.  But Fear not!  We plan to actively continue on.  There are new Fearbooks, Art Books and Special Editions in the works.  The looooong-awaited sequel to "Life Is Buit A Scream!" is all but completed.   Regular series issues of Freaky Monsters will continue, appx. 4 times per year.  We've still got loads of rare stills we haven't published yet.

We have ceased all 3rd party sales & book store/noosestand distribution for our publications.  That is why we no longer display a barcode on the covers.  We have more than enough regular readers to keep our publications in print and, quite frankly, we see no reason to distribute copies at wholesale only to see their cover prices ignored and values hiked way up.  (Some vintage issues of Freaky Monsters are selling for more than vintage issues of FMOF!)  As we are able to sell selected titles at discounted prices, we offer the savings directly to you --- our fans and supporters.

Our new pre-order service functions very much the same as our previous prepaid subscription plan except payment for new issues is accepted on a per-issue basis. 

  • Pre-orders will receive discounts off cover price, exclusive pre-order bonus items, Discount codes for other purchases, access to our bonus video content in the Freaky Monsters Online Fan Club, and fast shipping with tracking number included. 

At note regarding our new POD back issues: 

Freaky Monsters Premium Collector Print-On-Demand (POD) Editions feature the same content as our normal print editions but feature Heavier weight covers & Premium grade interior paper.  Compare and you'll find these editions are priced the same or lower than typical dealer or eBay prices for pre-owned copies.  Our POD copies are brand new, unclirculated and made to order.

Connie and I and the rest our Fang Gang look forweird to many more years of bringing you the beast classic monsters magazine and special issues.  Let the naysayers scoff!  We (and you, we hope) will always....Stay Freaky!


Ray Ferry