Thus far, the covid19 pandemic has not significantly affected our operations. Unlike other genre magazines, we do not depend on Diamond Comics or retail outlets for distrubution. Our customer base is (and has been for many years) direct mail order driven. So, unless the USPS shuts down or there is a forced closure of all of the several printers we contract with, Freaky Monsters #32 will be shipping appx. April 20 and Issue #31 (the 2020 Fearbook special) will be back in stock as well.


We do regret to report that The Fly has been terminated as head waiter at the Transylvania Burger(meister) King restaurant in Boo-dapest. In other news, Kharis the Mummy has donated himself to Goldstadt Medical College to be unwrapped in order to make face masks for medical staff who desperately need them. Mothra and Ghidrah are transporting test samples of CV19 vaccines to various labs across the globe at no charge. The Frankenstein monster has volunteered to be a test subject for any new vaccines since he is made of a number of unrelated bodies and can provide crossplatform compatability. Count Dracula offered his services in managing the local blood bank supply but, fortunately, his offer was declined after it was discovered he was affilliated with the "Nancy Pelosi Foundation to Suck the Life Out of America" and the "Adam Schiff Senter Home OF Lenin Elitists".


But we want to do what we can to help ease the stresses being suffered by Freaky fans who have been impacted either by sickness (GFB) or mandated "shelter in place" directives resulting in social isolation. We know it isn't much, but for the rest of March and the month of April, we are opening the Freaky Monsters Online Fan Club to anybody and everybody who enjoys our special brand of classic movie monsters coverage.

Just click the "Freaky Monsters Fan Club" banner link at lower left of this page. Enter DISMEMBER (all caps) as the User name and "cv19" (lower case, no quotes) as the password to while away the boring hours of home quarantine enjoying some super-rare classic horror video treasures for FREE. Videos you've heard about but probably haven't seen before. We'll be adding more shortly.


BTW: One video you -- as a bonefide Freaky Fan -- will want to watch (especially if you haven't seen it before) is THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN (1971).  Slightly different virus from what we are now actually facing, but still an especially relevent and frightning scenario.  Also, George Orwell's 1984.  Cinematic versions don't really capture the true horror or nuances of the novel, but we've posted the 1984 version starring John Hurt as the best version made to date.  We'll post a copy of the novel to the Freaky Monsters Online Fan Club for you along with an audiobook version.  Read or re-read it before you watch any mainstream news broadcasts and certainly read it before you vote in the next election.  The freedom you save may be your own!


We hope these books and videos might bring a smile to your face and remind you that --- no matter how tough real life gets --- reel life has already seen it and in the end, the good guys (& gals & its & thems & every variation in between) always prevail!

From Ray and Connie and everyone at Freaky Monsters Magazine, May the Good Lord give strength & guidance to POTUS Donald Trump and may God be with you and yours and bless us all...everyone.